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Hello !
I like to compose, produce and arrange short soundtracks destined for video games. I plan on uploading more of my work here, as I've previously used Bandcamp for my big releases.
I love the sound of the 80s & 90s !

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EMC Malakoff

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So it's been almost 4 years since I joined this website in order to post some of my work in here, a task that I vastly underestimated in weight, dedication and motivation.

February 2017, I had recently dropped out of High School in order to fully dedicate myself to music, going on an almost two year long journey, refining my skills and abilities regarding songwriting & music making. I had lulls, periods with little to no progression, and most importantly a lack of social activities that really made me feel like crap...

Fast forward to 2019, I thought that making music was unsustainable and had to go back to school in order to build my future. By September I joined a Law school and a music engineering/mixing school that I had been preparing the exam for earlier in the year. By that point I've been entirely self-taught in all domains pointing to music, and at that moment in time I wished to learn and share what I've learned with others.

Then Covid-19 hit.

Now, I've already been used to isolation, so the lockdown wasn't much of a big deal for me (other than going out, which sucked because I love eating out).

4 years have passed and I didn't post much here, opting for Bandcamp, then I realized how badly I needed user feedback (how am I supposed to improve without criticism ?), so a friend of mine (Wombart) reminded me of this amazing website, I had to upload my latest work in here. Now I'm working on my latest project, The 8-bit Collection , a package of royalty-free 8bit inspired soundtracks free to use, for sale.

Now we're here, I hope I can make some commissions for game developers !

Thank you & feel free to shoot me a message =)


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